Aims and results

The aim of the project is to increase the capacity of youth workers and trainers in inclusive digital video training, suitable for youth non-formal education, via development of training materials and organizing exchange of experience activities.

The project objectives are:

  • To improve the knowledge and skills of youth workers and trainers in using digital video in diverse groups and for inclusive purposes, during youth non-formal trainings;
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of the youth workers and trainers how to estimate the educational value of digital video, how to estimate the technical quality, content quality, accessible aspects etc.;
  • To empower youth organizations and improve their capacity via development of set of training materials, free to use, multi-language (online LMS);
  • To exchange experience in inclusive video training suitable for youth non-formal education between programme member countries and partner countries;

Inclusive Digital Video Training in Youth Work (inDVT) project includes the following main results:

Developing inclusive digital video methodology (training materials how to use digital video for inclusive purposes)

The methodology is based on three core principles that trainers/youth workers need to consider when planning the training: how to teach the content to make it accessible (representation), how the students will show what they learned (expression), and how to motivate all the learners to do their best work (engagement).

The following training modules have been developed:

  • How to collect digital videos
  • The Digitisation of Video and TV: The Status Quo, Trends and Impact on the Application in Education
  • Digital videos in awareness raising sessions
  • Digital videos in inclusive education training
  • Tips for trainers

Developing Learning Management System (LMS) with training materials and inclusive digital video cases/tools

The LMS has been incorporated in Training Modules sub-pages. When you enter the LMS you could either explore the modules one by one or select respective modules you are interested in. The LMS is multi-language, the modules are structured in the same way so the navigation is easy.

The Video cases are included in the “Resources” section, “Inclusive video examples”. Each video is accomplished with so called Selection Card, developed in the project. The Selection Card includes some video characteristics that may help the trainers to orient themselves faster when using the video.

In addition to project planed results, the “mirror“ data-base has been established in platform, available via the Resources section.

Capacity building workshop

The workshop includes youth workers, trainers and young people engaged in youth projects related to out-of-school learning; The aim of the workshop is to exchange experience between the participants and train them in order to improve their capacity.

Dissemination activities

During the products development, the partners promote the project idea among the local networks and internationally.

Each partner organizes one dissemination seminar. The aim of the dissemination seminars is to present the project results in front of external stakeholders.

There is a project web pages, poster, leaflet (published in the Resources section) which will contribute the results dissemination.