Title: The new vicinity

Category Disability
Author Aktion Mensch
Producer / Owner Aktion Mensch
Copyright Conditions Standard YouTube License
Duration 5:03
Public Download Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJbAjxkaxnA
Sound Language German
Subtitles over 100 languages

Children are given tasks without actually knowing the aim of the task. The video shows that the process of learning is better without suggesting what you are suppose to learn – finding out on your own is the best way of learning. As a result, after meeting the people who are using the equipment children are more eager to ask questions on their own, want to try it out and understand how it works. A great advantage of the video is that the children also teach something to their new friends. The video teaches acceptance and emphasizes the importance of friendship and gaining knowledge. The video makes us realize that respect and acceptance are achieved by education. Good education leads to better communication and tolerance of things which are new or difficult to understand for us. A simple gesture like a smile can unite people.

Content Quality, Easy Understandable Content
Clear Educational Goal
Technical Quality Of The Movie
Universal Issues Covered
Intercultural Issues Covered