Title: The first time

Category Disability
Author Aktion Mensch
Producer / Owner Aktion Mensch
Copyright Conditions Standard YouTube License
Duration 5:5
Public Download Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZFHK3OwzFM
Sound Language German
Subtitles over 100 languages

People who take part in the experiment are given tasks without actually knowing the aim of the task. What’s more, they do not know they will be performing with someone who is different than them (with/without disability). The video shows that the process of learning is better without suggesting what you are suppose to learn – finding out on your own is the best way of learning. A great advantage of the video is that both participants are teaching something to each other and only together can find the way to complete the task given by the director. The video teaches acceptance and emphasizes the importance of cooperation in order to achieve the aim. The main focus of the video is on accepting the fact we are all different and thanks to that we can learn from each other. Learning about one’s differences leads to better understanding and to social respect.

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Universal Issues Covered
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